All Things HR, LLC can help take the hassle out of Human Resources

For Small Employers

As a small business owner, you may not need an on-staff human resource professional. But there are still many human resource duties and functions that need to be managed on a regular basis.

We design our services to match your needs from a few hours each week to a special one-time project. Find out how we can help you by scheduling a free consultation. Our goal is to design an HR relationship that works for you. Our Service areas include: Seattle, Lynnwood, Everett, Bellevue & surrounding areas in the Puget Sound.

For Mid-Size Employers

Your company may have a human resources department, but special projects or sensitive issues can lead to overload. All Things HR provides the help you need. Whether you are in a recruiting push, working on a new employee manual or have an employee investigation that should be handled by an outside professional, we can tailor a relationship to suit your requirements. Contact us by email or Call us at 425-248-4978 to find out how we can support you and your human resources team in the puget sound areas.

How We Work

Each of our client companies has a different story. We work with our clients to design an HR relationship that meets their needs from the immediate and specific, to long term support and consultation. Our professionals work on site or off, and set a schedule based on meeting the goals of the client.

You are the decision maker in how your company works with All Things HR, LLC. Our customized programs are molded to fit your company’s needs. Our team members work on site or off site and set a schedule based on meeting your goals. We offer both package pricing and hourly rates based on your needs and requests. Contact us today to learn more!